Where No Witch Has Plowed Before (Commission)

Story Blurb by RealityRabbit

Luz was a hornball who’s second instinct in any given situation was to ask, “But what if sex was involved?”, for better or worse. Orgies in the locker room showers after Grudgby matches had sounded great until someone slipped on the wet tiles and resulted in a pile of tangled limbs and fresh bruises on already sore sports players. Waking up Eda with blowjobs was the perfect way to put her teacher in a good mood, but the Owl Lady could spend the rest of the morning humping her student’s mouth and left Luz late for class once again. And her one attempt at a sexy Azura costume for Amity’s birthday had resulted in a fire after the fireworks in her staff had gone off unintentionally and hit a nearby curtain, utterly killing the mood as the two panicky teens had done their best to contain the subsequent blaze. Third worst case of accidental arson Luz had ever been party to yet.

But for once it wasn’t Luz who had created a sex disaster…that honor belonged to Lilith.

“I can’t believe I’m having sex at two seperate points in history simultaneously without a care for how it might affect the space-time continuum!” Lilith was going to regret this later on but not until she fucked this weird mood of hers into submission. A chance meeting with her old friend at the party earlier had left the scholarly historian very self-conscious of being ‘boring’ and it had really put her in a funk. Since leaving the Emperor’s Coven the relentless and determined witch she was had rapidly disappeared. Without that role to demand she be perfect, proper, to never submit and definitely never bottom, she had unwound. Become happier and perhaps a little sillier. She was far more easily directed now. Even her former student Amity was extremely capable of topping her with no lack of delight from Lilith’s end, a position she’d never have dared to indulge in for the implications it’d bring as the Head of the Emperor’s Coven. But again, now she was just Lilith.

It all felt very familiar for Luz, so much like her sister at that age, to suggest this crazy hunt for the time pools to prove her bad girl historian cred. And it did make her feel more ‘bold’ to seek out what others called impossible or a foolish flight of fantasy. But there was this gnawing sense of something missing to truly complete her new ‘cool aunt’ persona, a lingering worry which faded upon the discovery of the invisible holes in time.

And without delay they began cataloging, charting, marking and…oh no, she was being boring again! This was exactly what she’d have done with the banisters exhibit, Lilith thought. Going to a beach and sticking your head in the sand was hardly ‘exciting’ by her newest set of unrealistic personal standards as both a cool aunt and a bad girl historian. Flora had done bolder things every day of her life before even having breakfast! She had tamed monsters, fought bandits, escaped traps while Lilith was shelving books like a good little student. Why she would probably have…Lilith’s eye had caught sight of Luz just as the human stuck her head in another time pool. Presenting that tight ass of hers clad in those jean shorts, an idea struck the anxious witch. Without allowing herself time to think this plan through, Lilith traced a glowing circle in the air and disrobed from the waist down as she approached Luz’s vulnerable backside, raising one hand into the air with a crazed look in her eyes.

In the distant past, the Boiling Isles resident hornball human was experiencing the fallout from one of her impromptu plans once again hitting an unforeseen snag. Normally Luz loved being slapped on the ass without warning but the timing here was terrible. “And yes, I am a crab maiden.” Then the slap landed and Luz was left frozen in place as she made a mouse-like squeak. Both eyes went wide as the Deadwardian Witch gave her a funny look. 

“Ye ‘lright there, luv?” Lilith was even now ripping  off her shorts and lifting her up as Luz did her best to keep her voice steady while she locked legs around the witch’s waist by reflex to not fall down. 

“Y-Yeah! Just fine!” The throbbing head of Lilith’s cock pressed against her pussy and Luz’s face was struck with a massive blush as she bit her lip to hold back the moan as her ‘cool aunt’ sunk into her with ease, further arousing the suspicion of this witch from the past. 

“You sure? ‘Cause you look like you’re-” 

“Fine! I am per-perfectly fine! Why wouldn’t I be fine? No reason at all. Ha-ha-ha…” Luz’s kinks for casual use, exhibitionism, witchcock, and a few others she was just now discovering made it impossible not to let Lilith hilt inside her and extremely difficult to avoid vocalizing how much she was enjoying the roughness. Each slap of those heavy balls against her body made the human’s pretty face twitch, cracks appearing in her poorly maintained facade of ‘fine’, until Luz was finally forced to let out a sweet moan from Lilith’s earnest thrusting and couldn’t hold back anything else past that. Even in the best case scenario there’d be no mistaking those noises for something less incriminating and her hope was the witch would just run off quickly to avoid being involved in the weird…and instead they set down their basket before walking over to get a closer look.

‘Oh fuck,’ thought the human, for the witch had developed the Look as Luz continued to moan and pant and refused to do the sensible thing of tapping Lilith’s arm to signal a time out. Horny Luz and Smart Luz could not occupy the same brain at the same time. Plus she was almost looking forward to what was coming.

Every older female on the Boiling Isles got that Look if they spent enough time around Luz. For some it took a few minutes, others a few hours, but with such obvious signs it took this witch just a few seconds thanks to Lilith. “So, ye be a crab maiden, eh?” I am in trouble, Luz thought to herself with what little of her rational mind still functioned. The smile, the confidence, the light hint of smug certainty was a surefire way to turn this human into a quivering pile of girlish desire even when she wasn’t being piledrived. Without further hesitation the Deadwardian Witch hitched up her dress and squatted down in front of this strange moaning maiden to present her own unfulfilled needs. “Then you’ll be havin’ the Gift of Tongues, won’t ye?” There was no going back now. Luz couldn’t have said no. She didn’t want to say no. And she didn’t care that this was probably going to cause all kinds of paradoxes like in the movies. Hot motherly witches trumped the time-space continuum on Luz’s list of priorities as she got to work servicing two witches at the same time.
Lilith, already on her second orgasm when she felt Luz’s legs tighten their grip around her waist as her partner in exploration engaged in temporal cunnilingus, was in utter heaven at both the snug pussy of her sister’s student and being so bold while doing it. “I bet not even Flora D’Esplora is this much of a Bad Girl Historian!” Given the whip and a history of reckless behavior that seemed unlikely but it was Lilith’s fantasy.

It would be at least another half-hour and six or seven orgasms between the two of them before Lilith came back to her senses and pulled the exhausted Luz free of the time hole. Seeing the state of her ‘cool niece’ made those scholarly instincts flare back up and ask for the full story of what’d happened. “Historians have always wondered how the phrase ‘Looking for a crab maiden’ came to mean seeking out casual sex. I believe that gives some credit to the idea of a stable time loop theory, don’t you?” She clapped her hands in excitement at this newest insight into the evolution of language. “Which means the time pools should be safe to use! So long as we don’t make any large changes.”

“Great…could I get a towel though?” Luz said, rubbing her eyes slightly. “I didn’t realize that she was going to be such a squirter.”

I guess no matter where you are in history, people are the same as they are now. And that goes for knowing at a glance that Luz Noceda is down to fuck witches.

Commission for AEHentai my dude always gives me awesome premises to work with!

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