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PopePlay (Commission)

So, I’m completely in the dark about Fire Emblem, but as I’m lead to understand, Catherine is obsessed with Rhea. Unfortunately, Rhea’s basically the pope and unapproachable for carnal matters. Luckily, Mercedes is very approachable and will do anything for a sack of gold. I also learned that Rhea’s hat is a nightmare to draw.…

15 Minutes In Heaven (Cover)

ntroducing the cover of the new comic for the near future! This one isn’t an adaptation/collaboration but a solo project. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Synopsis: There’s one thing Lilith’s wanted since she reached her potential in joining the Emperor’s Coven, and that’s to have her sister serve the emperor alongside her. Unfortunately, Eda is…

Diamond Shuffle 2: Shuffle Hard

The diamond shuffle continues. This time Yellow’s feeling a bit left out and wants to share time with herself too. And so, the diamonds were too busy literally fucking themselves to continue the expansion of their empire. And peace reigned throughout the galaxy forevermore. Or did it? Patreon | Subscribestar