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15 Minutes in Heaven Page 2

The Owl Lady’s just giving up? B-but, Lilith came up with a whole new battle technique just to defeat her! It was gonna be super cool! Oh well, best to not look a gift snorse in the mouth Patreon | Subscribestar

The Gingerbread House (Vore)

Camilla really should have read Hansel and Gretel to Luz when she was little. As it turns out, the story was based on true events! Well, the oven part might have been an embellishment, but the fattening up humans to be nice and plump was dead on! Happy Vore Day!

15 Minutes In Heaven (Cover)

ntroducing the cover of the new comic for the near future! This one isn’t an adaptation/collaboration but a solo project. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Synopsis: There’s one thing Lilith’s wanted since she reached her potential in joining the Emperor’s Coven, and that’s to have her sister serve the emperor alongside her. Unfortunately, Eda is…