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Locker Room Democracy

Catra’s been spending too much of her budget on Double Trouble, so she concocts a plan to recoup losses before Hordak finds out! Time for some Locker Room Democracy! You can help me make more art and comics like this on Patreon/SubStar/Discord

Comic Poll

Today is the first day of a poll I’m doing for my supporters! To help me decide between which of these comics I’ll be doing first! Below you can find synopses and tags of both comics to have a better idea for what they’re about. If you want to cast an actual deciding vote, you…


Scorpia’s something of a sub. Unfortunately for her, asking Catra to dom her is like asking a genie for a wish. If you aren’t VERY specific about what you want you’re REALLY gonna regret asking at all. Right now, Scorpia is having reservations about essentially giving carte-blanche. 

Group Theory

What’s a brilliant young scientist to do when she finds herself on a spaceship with a bunch of identical clones of her lab partner/boyfriend who are all curious and eager to serve her?

Experiment, of course!

The Importance of Self Care With Friends

Entrapta has been sciencing for a long time. And while imperfection may be beautiful, it’s not without its frustrations. And she’s learned the importance in releasing tension regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s a lesson that she now has a duty to teach to her new lab partner!

I do love me some Entrapdak.

Drace Tales

A series of commissions I did for the awesome Drace Domino a while back for a bunch of short ficlets he wrote of each. You can find links to each story in the captions! If you like what I make, you can help me keep making more on Patreon and Subscribestar!