Author: nsfani

I draw the tiddies and don't know how to website.

Locker Room Democracy

Catra’s been spending too much of her budget on Double Trouble, so she concocts a plan to recoup losses before Hordak finds out! Time for some Locker Room Democracy! You can help me make more art and comics like this on Patreon/SubStar/Discord

Apprentice Duties

You might think that being a witch’s apprentice would be about learning magic. And it is. But what you never hear is how much you’ll be servicing your mistress’s fat cock so she can work without knocking stuff off tables all the time! I don’t think Luz minds all that much, though. Beats having to…

Comic Poll

Today is the first day of a poll I’m doing for my supporters! To help me decide between which of these comics I’ll be doing first! Below you can find synopses and tags of both comics to have a better idea for what they’re about. If you want to cast an actual deciding vote, you…

Royal Pet

Allura’s got something special prepared for Pidge. Pidge on the other hand is having some reservations. If you want to support my art and see stuff early, you can do so on Patreon and Subscribestar!


Scorpia’s something of a sub. Unfortunately for her, asking Catra to dom her is like asking a genie for a wish. If you aren’t VERY specific about what you want you’re REALLY gonna regret asking at all. Right now, Scorpia is having reservations about essentially giving carte-blanche.